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I hardly share my personal stories, but I will do that today.

13 years ago, it was mandatory for me to make a concrete decision on how I want to live my life.

Just like every one of us wants the best for themselves, I wanted the best for myself too.

I remember growing up as a primary school child, I and my childhood friend “Folajimi” invented a small Sea Boat (among other inventions) using Sardine can, a mini-cassette player rotor, batteries, and some other component.

Although it wasn’t too perfect, we did it and we were so proud of ourselves.

As a child, I spend most of my time making research on new inventions, asking questions like WHY and HOW.

If you were an adult then, you need to be intelligent to answer my questions because I am so curious, I just want to know why things are being done that way, and why no one hasn’t tried another method.

I wouldn’t mind being the first person to do it in a different way.

My orientation about life and business has always been, if you want a different result, you need to do something different.

My ability to learn and understand things fast has been a blessing to me because it gives me the courage to expose myself to learn different things.

I remember vividly when I started my first business, I was still in secondary school, JSS 3 to be precise.

My first business was to create a handmade greeting card, I usually create them base on request because it’s customized with names.

My mom has a bookshop, it was the biggest bookshop in our area then, so I got almost all my materials for free, she was actually doing that to encourage me and it helped a lot. Thanks, mom!

It was a lucrative business for me because I started with Zero capital and I was selling a card for between N300 – N1200 ($1 – $6), all of these happened over 20 years ago, so the money was huge.

I was a big boy, I always have cash on me. Thanks to all my first set of clients.

And since then, I have learned and participated in many other businesses.

But one thing is synonymous to all of these businesses “I STARTED WITH ZERO CAPITAL”.

Even my web development company (Intense Web Concepts started with N500 capital 12 years ago and I have been privileged to work with companies of all sizes.

There were certain things I needed and I got them all for free, including a full-page advert in different magazines and this lasted for several months.

I started with Global News Magazine and I used the same idea to get a free advert in many other magazines which include Bravo magazine, Top Celebrity, B2B Magazine and many more.

I have read 100’s of business books, listen to podcasts and even watched lots of youtube videos and I realize that my practice of 10 years ago is exactly the trend of today.

Funny enough, I practiced it when I don’t have access to any professional book, no youtube video, no podcast.

Now I am loaded with thousands of information which makes me a better version of myself.

My name is Ajibola Rilwan, I am an IT Consultant and a Website Developer with over 13 years of working experience. That makes me someone you can listen to and learn from when it comes to building a business online.

The internet remains the most effective advertising channel and the best way to target online users is to stand out.

No matter your kind of business, your clients are online.

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