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I have seen people quit their blogging career because they don’t make enough money.

It is hard to remain in a business that does not pay, you know.

Now, the question is, how can you make your new blog pay you, even when you have a very little audience?

There are many ways to monetize a blog but the truth is that most of the monetization method takes a lot of time before it becomes profitable but the good news is: there are a few practices that can help you start earning money almost immediately.

Before starting your blog, you need to map out strategies that can make your blog pay you almost immediately.

Here are tips on how to achieve that…

1) Make sure your blog is beautifully developed so that when people visit they will love the ambiance to an extent they end up reading almost every content on your blog, your job is to keep every audience that visits your blog, let your blog treat them well so they can come back.

2) Don’t use a free blog, I know someone might say but Linda Ikeji made her millions using the free blog. Hey! Linda created her blog over 14 years ago at the time when many people don’t know what a blog was. She was one of the first in Nigeria. Her blog was the only very few blogs and people were happy to have a place where they can read gossip. Its either you read Linda’s blog or find something else to do. Now, the competition is high, and I’m sure nobody wants to spend time on a poor looking blog when there are many professional blogs out there.

3) Write good content – It is important to publish content that can help your audience solve problems within your nitch. There are 3 types of content that attract online users 1) Teach them how to do something 2) Entertain them 3) Make your audience laugh. It will be perfect if you can blend the 3 practices, your audience will grow very fast.

4) Sell a product on your blog – If you already have a product you can sell, good for you. When you have a blog, your audience will respect and trust you and are most likely to buy any product you introduce to them, knowing that you are in for real business and not just trying to make a few cash by selling on social media. You can now use social medial and other digital marketing channels to promote your blog.

5) Sell digital products – A lot of people sell digital content on social media but most of them fade away after a few appearances, and you don’t get to hear from them again. This is because their target is to make a few cash and not to build a business. It would have been more profitable if they have a blog where they can direct their audience for better engagement. Most people don’t buy when they first see your Advert but when you keep engaging them with helpful content that adds value to them, then they are most likely to buy your product.

6) Sell a service – The best way to make money these days is to sell a service since it does not require capital, the only capital you need is to invest in yourself by learning and improving yourself on the skill you want to sell. If you don’t have a skill you can sell, then I recommend website development and digital marketing because with those two skills you can work for people in exchange for cash and most importantly you will be able to build your dream projects online and promote yourself using digital marketing.

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Once you have a product or services to sell on your blog, even with few audiences you will start making money almost immediately, it’s better to sell your product or services than running an affiliate marketing for a few $$ commission. As time goes on… your audience will increase and your sales will also increase.

That’s why you hear people say, I make millions of $$$$$ from their blog monthly, its true and you can do it too.

I hope you find this helpful.

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